Topic outline

  • Summer School

    Fundamentals of Image Processing
    with Applications to Astronomical Images

    Monday, July 29 – Friday, August 2, 2013

    This hands-on course is intended for local and external students of computer science and related fields, in particular, Space and Aerospace Computer Science. Both bachelor and master students are welcome to participate. The course will be taught in English; it will be free of charge. Many of the exercises will be solved with the help of Matlab; however, no previous experience with Matlab will be assumed.

    There are no (serious) prerequisites; participants should have

    • basic programming skills and
    • basic knowledge of linear algebra

    The main objective of the summer school is to present basic methods for developing algorithms for digital image processing, with applications in astronomical imaging. Participants will become acquainted with matrix algebra techniques, the Kronecker product algebra, and two-dimensional fast Fourier transforms, which prevail in many scientific and engineering applications.

    Successful (local) participants can obtain 5 credits (ECTS) within one of the modules

    • "Selected Basics of Computer Science" (10-I-GI) for C.S. bachelor students,
    • "Selected Chapters of Computer Science" (10-I=AKI) for C.S. master students,
    • "Selected Chapters of Computer Science" (10-I-AKIN) for Space and Aerospace C.S. bachelor students.

    The two modules for bachelor students will be available as soon as the corresponding new study programs become effective. In order to obtain the credits, students have to solve 50% of the exercises successfully.

    Interested? Write an email to Sigrid Keller before July 1, 2013! Name your student ID number ("Matrikelnummer") and your study program.

  • Program Monday – Friday

    The summer school will take place in room SE 36 in the former math building (above the computing center). A typical day will look as follows:

    09:00 Lecture Domingo Rodríguez
    10:30 Coffee Break
    11:00 Lecture Lola Bautista
    12:30 Lunch
    14:00 Exercises
    16:30 Discussion of solutions
  • Lecturers